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We help Doctors Save Extreme Time & Energy While Increasing Your Monthly Collections By 50-100k While Working Less Through Practice Automation
Industry subject matter experts serve as your personal guide as you experience immersive virtual training modules.
Accessible anytime and on any device, training can be completed from home or at the office.
Welcome to Blueprint to Practice Automation!
Blueprint to Practice Automation was founded on the frustrations of the typical practice and practice management group. I was always told that to be successful you had see more people, work harder, have more staff, and be a slave to your practice. After building a successful high volume clinic seeing thousands of people then transitioning into a insurance dependant million-dollar multi-disciplinary clinic…. I decided to beat the system. In our program, you will find the infrastructure to operating an automated clinic saving extreme time & energy, collecting more, while working less. Inside this platform are niche specific programs powered by entrepreneurship training, graded staff training, accountability systems, as well as communication strategies. Our team at Blueprint to Practice Automation looks forward to working with you and seeing your success and making an impact in your community. 
Join The “Convenience Revolution For Practice” Where Your Patients Can Treat Virtually Seeing Less Visits in the Clinic, Communicate & Be Educated Virtually Providing a Better Patient Experience, While You And Your Team Can Train Virtually 
Additional Features To Blueprint to Practice Automation
  • Virtually interactive phone simulator training
  • ​Employee Accountability Training System
  • ​Mind Set & Communication Hack Training
  • ​Unlimited Strategy Calls
  • ​Learn How To Treat, Communicate, and Track Patient Care Virtually
  • ​Interactive Entrepreneur & Team Building Training From Top Notch Published Resources
  • ​Private Facebook Page with Hundreds of Doctors Interacting
  • ​24/7 Help Desk
  • ​Weekly Mastermind Growth Sessions Available Live & Recorded
  • ​And So Much More...
Automate your practice
Step-by-Step automated cash programs to simplify your practice
Collect More Money
Save yourself, time, energy, money, systematically, while increasing collections by 40-100%
Better Patient Care
Only see the patient 6-8 times throughout patient care. 75% of the clinical treating and educating has been automated for the patient.
Done For You
Automate your seminar, pre-consultation, report of finding, and patient curriculum. ALL done for you!
Real RESULTS: Text Messages From Actual Clients
Step-by-Step automated cash programs to simplify your practice while saving time, money, staff, while increasing your collections by 40-100%.
  • ​Digital automation for the seminar, pre-consultation, report of findings & patient education
  • ​Average patient case fees: 2800-6000 (17-24 hard costs)
  • ​Only see the patient 6-8 times throughout patient care
  • ​Proven clinical and nutritional protocols
  • ​Drop ship manufacturer supplies to patient (no need to hold stock)
  • ​Done for you clinical templates
  • ​75% of the clinical treating and educating has been automated for the patient
  • ​Virtual patient education delivery system
  • ​Go virtual with your clinical protocols
  • ​Combine niches through practice automation: Serve more, collect more, while working less!
Additional Program Benefits:
  • 90-day automated condition specific patient education
  • ​Assign patients exercise regiments in addition to condition specific protocols
  • ​Daily patient inspirational health tips
  • ​Built in assessment tools: customizable tracking metrics
  • ​Easy patient and doctor automated interface
  • ​Condition specific staff training videos
  • ​How to use: seminar, ROF, consultation, report of finding training videos
  • ​Weekly practice management training topic
  • ​One on one coaching
More Doctor Feedback on our Practice Automation Program
Dr. Chris Zaino dives into Blueprint to Practice Automation and hits 6 figures within weeks

Dr. Chris Zaino, D.C.

“I’ve tried to adding multiple programs to my very busy chiropractic practice and it always was a distraction. Blueprint to Practice Automation is different! The program is solid, the coaches are awesome, and more importantly my staff runs the entire process.”

With automated systems we were able to hit a 30k week!

Dr. Bill Lewis, D.C.

"Even though I’ve been treating neuropathy for several years before joining Blueprint to Pracitce Automation it was the system of automation allowing me to see more people easier. The mindset training, communication training is what help increase my close rate and gave me confidence to increase my fees 3x since joining. Next step is virtual!
We collected 24k in the past 10 days!

Dr. Scott Watier, D.C.

"Blueprint to Practice Automation is way ahead of the curve. They are cutting-edge, always adding value to their clients, and teaching doctors how to be better entrepreneurs, we collected 24k in the past 10 days with the Blueprint to Neuropathy processes and are about to add the knee and weight loss niches ASAP! We are stoked!"
We have increased our collections by 45k in the first month!

Dr. Katie Gravesen, D.C. 

"I’ve been in practice for 17 years and have had several coaches and programs my entire career. This program has brought me a new outlook on chiropractic and myself as a practitioner. Your program has truly made me shift as a person and a practitioner. The style of communication completely resonates with me. We have increased our collections by 45k in the first month with the program. We have only added neuropathy and just started weight loss! Thank you for the effort that you have put into this program. Its value is immeasurable."
Allowed me to scale my practice to new levels of collections!

Dr. Brian Prax, D.C.

"Blueprint to Practice is cutting-edge, they are great company. It’s allowed me to scale my practice to new levels of collections, organization, and patient visit capacity by automating patient pre & post education. This has allowed me to step out and work on my business instead of inside of it all the time. Their drop ship model for patient care is amazing. I’m excited to continue to reach new heights in our practice and getting looking at their virtual options."
Looked at pretty much all the programs on the market, this is truly “plug and play”

Dr. Jason Maggio, D.C.

"I’ve been practicing for 10 years and have looked at pretty much all the programs on the market The difference between Blueprint to Practice Automation and others is that they actually are “plug and play”. Most groups are selling concepts and you still have to go do all the work. Not with this program. We are using their automated weight loss, chiropractic seminar & ROF, and neuropathy. I had the ability to hand over my entire weight loss program to my staff now and we did 25k our first month. Not to mention all the staff training & entrepreneur training virtual tools they supply you with. We are excited…it’s a new way to practicing and I’ll never go back to my old ways."
Want To Automate Your Niche?
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